With increased uncertainty about the future of traditional wild-caught fisheries in Australia, aquaculture has an important role to play in providing sustainable seafood into the future.

Sustainability With AAQ


An increased emphasis on sustainability and providence among discerning consumers has driven our growers to undertake best management practices throughout production.

Members of the AAQ continually strive to grow fish with minimal impact on the surrounding environment and upgrade and improve techniques to enhance the sustainability of our industry.

Effective and efficient use of water, use of solar power, reliable and accountable culture methods, and a dedication to create a premium fish for end users will ensure our members maintain a level of excellence in terms of sustainability.

The smaller scale and negligible impact on the natural environment compared to larger marine aquaculture operations make native freshwater fish a natural choice for a cleaner, greener future.

view of fish ponds aaq
adult fish sleepies and babies aaq
ponds for perch
Pond liners and shade cloth for fish farm aaq

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Associate membership is open to those who do not meet the requirements of full membership but actively support or have an interest in the industry. You receive the association newsletter and have the opportunity to attend workshops/conferences etc.

Full Membership ($75)

Full membership is open to those who hold an aquaculture license or development approval. These members are considered commercial operators within the industry (grow out or hatcheries).

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