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The Aquaculture Association of Queensland (AAQ) plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration, driving growth, and ensuring the well-being of our members within the Queensland Aquaculture sector.

About AAQ


One of the primary benefits of becoming a member with the AAQ lies in the power of collective action. By bringing together our members, large and small, the AAQ creates a unified voice that can advocate for shared interests, whether it be influencing policy decisions, negotiating with regulatory bodies, or addressing common challenges.

The AAQ establishes standards and codes of conduct, promoting a culture of quality and ethical business practices. This not only benefits the reputation of our members but also builds trust among consumers and other stakeholders such as government policy makers.

The AAQ represents all freshwater aquaculture in Queensland, from grow-out to hatcheries, Australian native and ornamental aquarium fish and crayfish. Our members produce species such as Silver perch, Jade perch, Murray cod, Barramundi and Bass.

The aims of the association are:

  1. To promote and represent the interests of the industry as a whole.
  2. To lobby Government on matters concerning the industry.
  3. To lobby Government on research goals and funding.
  4. To hold industry workshops/conferences.
  5. To promote good will and communications within the industry.
  6. To promote good relations with Government and private sector bodies.
  7. To ensure equal opportunities within the industry on matters bought to the association.
  8. To ensure a reliable supply of product to the market.
  9. To promote consumer education on species grown.
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AAQ fish farms
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AAQ Membership Options

Associate ($50)

Associate membership is open to those who do not meet the requirements of full membership but actively support or have an interest in the industry. You receive the association newsletter and have the opportunity to attend workshops/conferences etc.

Full Membership ($75)

Full membership is open to those who hold an aquaculture license or development approval. These members are considered commercial operators within the industry (grow out or hatcheries).

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