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Management Committee


President: Mark Oliver – 0457 383 963

Vice President: Andrew Bray – 0405 I91 283

Secretary: Letitia Taylor –

Treasurer: Steve Volz – 0419 853 060

Food safety officer: Andrew Bray – 0405 191 283

Web site manager: Bruce Sambell – 0407 797 149


General Contact Address:
P.O. Box 812 Childers 4660 Queensland

AAQ Membership Options


Feel free to browse our website and make use of the wealth of information available free of charge. With over 25 years of industry experience, the AAQ can help you grow in the pursuit of operating a profitable Aquaculture business.

Full Member ($75)

Full membership is open to those who hold an aquaculture license or development approval. These members are considered commercial operators within the industry (grow out or hatcheries).

Associate ($50)

Associate membership is open to those who do not meet the requirements of full membership but actively support or have an interest in the industry. You receive the association newsletter and have the opportunity to attend workshops/conferences etc.

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