Jade Perch (Scortum barcoo)

This species has developed in to an important new  aquaculture species in Australia. It has also found acceptance in a number of other countries, especially throughout Asia. It's extraordinarily high omega-3 levels has made it a popular table fish in these countries.

The “Jade” colour is along the  top of the fish.

They grow well in reticulating systems and ponds. They hate the cold, but love the heat. Therefore, for out-door pond production, they are probably only suitable for tropical or sub-tropical climates. Seemingly, they have a much higher metabolic rate, therefore to avoid water quality problems should be stocked at a much lower rate than Silver perch. They feed eagerly on anything you might throw in to ponds.

They have a high fat content, the good kind, "the good oil, omega-3" However if you grow these fish, and this is not a "quality" you desire, then a low protein diet will reduce the fat content. Of course this should represent a saving on your feed bill too. The flesh it self is similar to that of Silver perch, perhaps just a little firmer.

Live shipping is different in some ways to Silver perch. Consideration should be given to the differences mentioned above. Fingerlings are readily available from members who have hatcheries. (See members lists)