Golden Perch

There are three distinct strains of golden perch. The Murray/Darling River system, the Lake Eyre Drainage System, and the Fitzroy/Dawson River System. The largest is the Murray Darling System, (Marked in blue, see map below.)  which extends over four states. Starting in Queensland moving through New South Wales and Victoria and finally reaching the sea in South Australia. The Lake Eyre System, (red) also drains from Queensland to South Australia where it empties into Lake Eyre and finally just dries up! The Fitzroy Dawson River system, (yellow) is limited to Queensland. It drains a large portion of Central Queensland and empties into the sea at Rockhampton. There has been some debate over which of these strains of golden perch may be best for aquaculture. Some say the colour is the most important factor and that one strain or the other displays the most "gold" colour. The first commercial supplies of golden perch fingerlings were supplied to grow-out farms in Australia during the 2003-4 season. They were from the Lake Eyre strain. These fish have shown excellent growth. One grower reports that they grow much faster than silver perch. This grower is using large round Polly tanks. In his words the fish are described as "..the barramundi of the inland..".