Fingerling For Farm Dams

* Before you stock a dam you should check that you are allowed to do so. Serious environmental consequences may result from stocking the wrong species. In Queensland there strict regulations controlling the fish you may stock. Use this link to go the Queensland Government web site's page covering this information, and what fish you may stock.   Stocking private dams in Queensland

For mosquito management using Australian native fish click here.

It is illegal to stock the wrong fish.

In Queensland unlawful stocking under section 90 of Fisheries Act 1994, can attract fines up to 2000 penalty units each unit is $75. If a hatchery operator sells fish knowing that that they were going to be released into a water where they are not permitted, that can be investigated under section 7 of the criminal code.

If you want to stock a pond or dam for mosquito control it is best to stock small species such as Australian rainbows, freshwater hardy heads, glass fish, blue-eyes, etc. Most streams in Queensland have rainbows in them but each stream has a unique colour morph. It would be a disaster to stock the wrong colour morph. If they were to escape and breed with the local colour morph, your local colour morph may be lost forever. The best way to get the right colour morph is to catch your own. It is legal in Queensland for you to catch a small number from your local streams and stock them in your dam. 

This rainbow fish is from a small creek north of Bundaberg. Picture curtesy of


Click here to view hatcheries that are able to supply a variety of fingerlings for your dam.