John Mosig

Aquaculture Journalist

John Mosig has had nearly a quarter of a century working in commercial aquaculture.  He is the author of the Warmwater Column in Austasia Aquaculture and is a regular contributor to the articles that appear in the magazine.  He has served as President of the Yabby Growers’ Association of Australia (now the Australian Freshwater Crayfish Growers’ Association) and the Warmwater Aquaculture Association as well as being the foundation Secretary of the Victorian Aquaculture Council, the aquaculture industry’s peak body in that state.  He currently sits on the Aquaculture Committee of the Fisheries Co-management Council, the advisory body to the Victorian government on aquaculture matters and is the author of two books on aquaculture published by Landlinks – the Australian Yabby Farmer and the Australian Fish Farmer (co-authored with Ric Fallu).

John's talk; How Nutrition Can Make You Money, how being able to evaluate the right balance in your aquaculture diets can:

  • maximum carcass quality
  • maximum growth rates
  • maximize food conversion efficiency
  • minimize food costs